Stretch Tent Fabric & Material

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stretch tent fabric We are one of the best stretch tent manufacturers in South Africa and deliver best quality tents and tent fabrics to our wide range of clients. We have a professional and efficient production team with some of the best designers and technicians, etc. All of them work together as a team to come up with world-class tents for varying needs.

Our experienced and passionate production team executes every step of manufacturing stretch tents from the design to manufacturing and from stitching to packaging with finesse. Our tent installation team is also professional and efficient. Moreover, as the best stretch tent fabric suppliers, we sell all kinds of tent fabrics and also make customize tents. Rest assured that you will get the best fabric and materials of stretch tents from us.

Key Aspects of Our Stretch Tent Fabrics and Production

  •         We use some best quality three-ply stretch tent fabrics and materials for stretch tent and our tents are fire resistant, waterproof and they even prevent the UV rays completely.
  •         Stretch tent fabric and materials are designed by our scientific engineers and these materials are stretchable and durable allowing us to make versatile stretch tents at minimum cost.
  •         We do not compromise with the quality of the tent fabric and materials, come what may. We cannot risk our reputation by being careless about quality.
  •         Our designers, engineers, fabricators, technicians, supervisors and managers are professionally trained and highly experienced in this field. They use their expertise and sound knowledge to make some of the best designer stretch tents as per customers’ needs.
  •         Before we use the fabric to make stretch tents, we do a lab test to be certain that its quality is good and worth using to make a quality tent with perfect seams and joints perfectly suited for your outdoor events.
  •         Our quality control department ensures that every stage of stretch tent manufacturing follows the standards and meet the required criteria. Our production unit can easily design some tailor-made stretch tents for you.
  •         Some of our stretch tent fabrics for sale have inner Teflon coating while others are 100% waterproof. They are highly durable and thus perfect for long-term use. Our anti-microbial tent fabrics can be easily repaired too.
  •         Regarding quality of stitching, be assured as seams are well done and add to the tent’s strength. The icing on the cake is that our stretch tents are easy to wash and maintain. They do not wear out easily. If you prefer matt finish tents, we have that as well.

Simply tell us your requirements, and we will produce the tent with some best quality fabric and materials and deliver them to your location within a short time. We are also a leading name among stretch tent fabric suppliers